working privately with ivy ray

Ivy Ray is a Senior Katonah Yoga Instructor. She has been processing, teaching and living the Katonah Yoga material for two decades. Her forte has largely been private instruction and intimate systematic groups. Her work has spanned from elites in business, sports, literature, music and the arts, Much therapeutics and all the lovely in between. Ivy is a Mother, native New Yorker, singer, formerly signed recording artist, voice over talent, published songwriter and consultant. She is a lifelong scholar, practitioner and meditator of many of the worlds great traditions. Her primary influences are Nature, Tao, Katonah Yoga, Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, Music and all Relationship.

Grow/build a more safe, sane, efficient, joyful you, via the magic and power in number, pattern, measure, virtuous technique in functional form and fit to the skillful self management/manipulation of You in space and time, the Chinese intelligence/medicine of Seasons and pragmatic mysticism of Tao. All of this is woven through the body breath and imagination, supported by contributory theoretical material. Katonah Yoga is organized around three universal principals of esoteric dialog: all polarities are mediated by trinity; the universe has pattern, pattern implies intelligence. By repetition of virtuous technique there is insight and understanding. This Wholistic all-inclusive System is for EveryOne and is to be woven into their already lives and current Tradition.

All Private Instruction begins with a Reading of The Body: The Fine Art of Repositioning.

Our bodies contain everything that has ever taken place. This is where we live our lives, where Life happens. In Katonah Yoga we use the body as the primary means for exploration, the agent of change, as the body isn't capable of lying, nor can it hide, our minds, on the other hand, are tricky as hell. The body shows everything. As children and through many stages of our lives, we have all positioned ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, in order to simply handle/manage life, in some cases, this positioning saved us, in most, it no longer serves. We re-evaluate our finances, our companies, our relationships we don't re-evaluate our bodies; our positioning. Positioning is everything.

Having a personal assessment, enables us to experience ourselves differently, in the moment, where we belong, in time and space, not lost, versus where we think/feel we belong, where we have set ourselves due to our habits, our strengths, our weaknesses, our unconscious choices. This is done pragmatically, via the magic in number and measure (The Lou Shu Magic Square) and redefined current, it changes where you are, in relation to yourself and therefore to Everything else in and around you. It provides you with a new experience, which is revelatory/insightful and with new information to move forward.

Anatomy of a Private: The template from which I work is the same as we all are One stupendous Whole: bones to organs to glands, nervous system to a brain and our glorious senses through which we experience our lives. All of this is included in our work, as the blueprint of our practice is the Chinese System. We work with fundamental, calculable technique to up our function into restorative, longevity and therapeutic practices, pranayama and meditation. And we are all Unique. In our natures, our souls, our circumstances, times, needs, change, so too do we and life keeps happening. I meet you right where you are. All of this is set through Nevine Michaan’s territorial wisdom of Maps and Geographical charts. In an aim of Over All Well Being. Becoming more evenly developed, freely functional, stable, capable, Imaginative, Joyful women, men. leaders, lovers teachers parents, friends with good guardianship of our Minds.