Ivy Ray is Epic. She’s Soulful, smart, powerful and generous She is a Master teacher. She Owns the profound work that she teaches and Oh that voice...Bring her into your life.

— Thomas Bahler, Award Winning Composer and Producer Best Selling Author Long time Musical partner with Quincy Jones

Ivy Ray is smart, direct and passionate. She has extensive experience, is articulate and thorough, her commitment unwavering and there is Nothing like the work that she teaches. I’ve been working privately with Ivy for 5 years. She is an extraordinarily powerful and uniquely gifted teacher. It is without reserve that I highly recommend her!

— Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti, Founder and CEO of VIVRE, VOYAGER SPIRIT, INC, Mentor on PROJECT ACCESSORY for LIFETIME NETWORK and V by Eva for HSN. 

My yoga practice with Ivy Ray has been both challenging and productive.  Her teaching has tangibly affected me in obvious and unexpected ways, opening space both in my body and my mind. I have been working with her for nearly 4 years. I am grateful for the impact she has had on my life.

— Paul Devlin, Chief Sports Editor CBS, Award Winning Documentary Film Maker

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You have never known anyone like Ivy Ray or a system like Katonah Yoga. The two will change your life
— Kathy Yan top wholistic NYC Physical Therapist ,Founder/Owner of Award Winning Ohm Spa,

Let’s be clear. Ivy Ray is not just a yoga teacher. Ivy is a gift. Anyone who allows her into their life, body, mind and heart will be transformed. 

As a member of the Women’s Presidents Organization, I have witnessed the effect of Ivy Ray on our members who have worked with her.  WPO women are kick-ass achievers but that doesn’t mean that our bodies – inside and out – are in as good a condition as our businesses.  As a businesswoman herself, Ivy gets it.  Guiding her clients through a focused and customized practice, Ivy offers already successful women a greater sense of inner power that can be translated into further impact as leaders.   Ivy gives business women a toolkit of practices that provide a strong and sustainable physical foundation to fuel stamina, creative energy, self-awareness and leadership strength.  I have become a better leader, businessperson and human being through my work with Ivy and her mastery of the Katonah Yoga Material that she teaches.  I could not more highly recommend her.

— Fiona Tilley, CEO and Founder of Gurhan Luxury Jewerly, Attorney, Investment Banker, Global Travel Enthusiast, Avid Supporter of the Arts, Feminist ,WPO Member

She really is one of those human beings who makes you feel closer to God
— Alexandra Scerri, Former student now Katonah Yoga Instructor

Ivy Ray teaches private sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of her students. Her enthusiastic approach to Katonah yoga —a distinctive straight forward system— is uplifting and de-stressing , empowering and informative. Wherever you are in your health and fitness journey, Ivy can help you gain balanced bodily-strength , flexibility, and mental clarity that includes a keen understanding of the way your entire body-mind system works.

I began lessons with Ivy after 2 hip replacements! She was able to customize our work to strengthen my weak areas and release tension from stressed out muscles and tendons. I have always been reasonably athletic, yet I never fully appreciated the connection between some of my lifelong issues and the importance of a viable, well-functioning, and strong lower body. After working with Ivy, I feel sturdier on my feet, more grounded in my own body, and safer in the world. My lower body has begun to support me in ways I could not have anticipated. Ivy has a gift for making the complex simple. Her sessions are creative and fun, yet the changes I’ve experienced in my mind , body , and overall wellness as a result of our work together are profound and lasting. Ivy is an inspiration. Her yoga is a game changer, and her brilliance shines light into my life.

— Robin Reinach, Author Publisher, Editor, Broadway Investor, Integral Enthusiast

Ivy herself is a full time student of all things Life so her work is fresh, immediate and experiential. Ivy is fierce, funny, at times downright radical and wise, alongside that she is graceful, intuitive and filled with Spirit. Ivy is without question a master and brilliant teacher.
— Terese Feltes, Retired CEO. Integral Entreprenuer, 10 yr student.

When I met Ivy I was 50lbs overweight, had a frozen shoulder, a painful arthritic knee and on cortisone injections and could barely go up and down stairs. I had suffered for many years from chronic bronchitis, allergies and debilitating asthma, for which I was regularly hospitalized. My former bubbly personality, confident grip on life and curious intellect was buried beneath years of weary toil and self-neglect. I was a wreck. 

Ivy took one look at me and by “reading my body” she was able to tell that I suffered from each of these problems (well, the weight one was an easy call!). As teacher of the Taoist-based Katonah Yoga, Ivy’s integral perspective enabled her to knit together my body with my mind, life, work, relationships and lead me on a path to healing and health and quite frankly empowerment.  After a matter of months practicing with Ivy each of my conditions was either resolved or diminished. Sure I look better and move with more ease and efficiency, but I also feel better; physically and inside of me. No more asthma No more bronchitis Open shoulder, (which she taught me gave me my lungs) No more creaky-boned, fat-lady. Ivy repositioned me so that I remembered for myself, that inside me was an alive and interesting woman who could live a full, fun, successful life by integrating my body, mind and soul and breath. I love me again… almost as much as I love Ivy. 

— NYC CEO, Woman’s Presidents Organization

Ivy is amazing. The end.
— ClassPass

I’ve studied with Ivy Ray for the last several years in class situations and privately after spending 15 years as a consistent yoga practitioner and 5 years as a certified yoga teacher. 

From my first class with her I knew I was in the hands of a master, not only of the body but the mind. One feels completely at ease with her because she sees the individual and does not try to force her students into some preconceived, esoteric practice. Rather, Ivy seeks to unlock and nurture one’s own specific path and needs. Her physical adjustments are always sensitive and profound. While she is strengthening and healing your body, she is stimulating your mind and inspiring your soul. There seems to be no limit to the depth of her knowledge and my own students are noticing and reaping the benefits of my constantly enlarging awareness. Even more remarkable is that all this happens in an atmosphere of great humor, ease and love which Ivy creates. 

She is an extraordinary blessing for our world.

— Carl Danielson, Actor (Jefferson Award 3 BATCC Awards) Musical Director (Dramalogue Award), 6 Year Certified Yoga Instructor

"Ivy teaches technical intelligence of form through the body and mind which has remained the fundamental principle of yoga in my practice. I studied privately with Ivy when I began yoga, and her instruction was crucial to helping me consistently reconnect with my body as I sought to balance work and motherhood. What a revelation it was to learn how to breathe and to then experience the benefits of restorative yoga, and fundamental poses, all in a body more awake, more in tune with myself and life. I can't think of a better yoga instructor than Ivy. She is extremely knowledgable and teaches with rigor, levity, and deep commitment."

— Rebecca Kim, Adjunct Professor of Music Columbia University

“I have always been inspired by Ivy Ray. On first glance of her I thought to myself, whatever that woman is doing I want or need to do that too, little did I know my journey with her would be so interesting, informative and fulfilling.  In my humble opinion, this is the penultimate compliment. Ivy is brave, intelligent and good, zany and wild and has the heart and the skill of a poet.” 

Lisa Revson, Mother ,Wife, Indie Film Maker ,Writer