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The Technical Art of Repositioning AT BEBHAKTI YOGA

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Orientation and Organization IN TIME AND SPACE into the skillful manipulation/management of self is one of the primary keys to Over-All Well Being. A Good Joyful Life.

As children and through many stages of our lives, we have all positioned ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, in order to simply handle/manage life, in many cases, this positioning saved us, In most, it no longer serves.

We re-evaluate our finances, our companies, our relationships we don't re-evaluate our bodies; our positioning. Positioning is everything.

Having a personal assessment, a reading of the body as we call it, enables us to experience ourselves differently, in the moment, often for the very first time, exactly where we belong, in time and space, versus where we think we belong, where we have set our selves due to our habits, our strengths, our weaknesses, our unconscious choices. This is often quite startling. This is done pragmatically, via the magic in measure and direction and it changes where you are, in relation to yourself and Everything. It provides you with a new experience coupled with much insight. Anytime you are some place different, you have a different experience. I will then provide simple techniques that support this becoming an ongoing new positioning in your self and therefore your life as they are one and the same.

Your body is where Everything lives, happens+thrives. Join us as we grow/build a more safe, sane, functional you, a viable, worthy container for all of what you are, duly prepared for what life may hand you. Individual/Communal practice for Personal/Universal Well-Being. 8 people Maximum $45 dollars

This workshop is designed for teachers and students alike as well as those seeking to incorporate a practice into their daily lives. ALL ARE WELCOME.