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  • katonah yoga 39 Main St Bedford Hills, NY 10507 (map)

It is highly recommended to attend both days. You are certainly welcome to come for just one~ Ivy will be assisted by Mara Lileas.

In my series The Long Game, we have been exploring the Wholistic/Complete Nature of Great Nature, The Katonah Yoga Material and You through the template of the Explicit and the Implicit, On the line and In the Round. In this Intensive, we will delve into The Implicit further. In alignment with Nevine Michaan’s work, our techniques will be methodical and specific.

"To know everything it is necessary to know only a very little, but to know that very little one must know pretty much." —Gurdjieff

You are never not there. In 1st and 2nd Nature, as the self, lower case s, you are the source, the maker of all your words and deeds, the director of all and how you intersect, the quality of your product and you are what everything extends from. And in 3rd Nature let’s devise that the Self is with a Capital S the one and only subject, the witness of it all, your soul. Original. Unfettered.

The self is it. There is no place you are not. You are the operative Doer and Be-er. The mediator, the modulator, the point of neutralization. The apex of the Triad. So it stands relevant to gain more cohesive immediate awareness/access, to what you are, and just what you've got to work with.

As with Nevine’s techniques in the body, the goal is not always to alter what is there and obvious/strong but to occupy where one doesn't go, knowing, in time, this changes everything by virtue of increasing the consciousness; changing the nature of the whole. A good frame provides this. Eventually, imagination can override technique, it all becoming a more magical living organic experience, a wave between the two.

We will be using two specific techniques/practices from Ken Wilbur, of Integral Theory. These which work side by side, hand in hand, are immediate, informative insightful and impactful. I’ve been practicing and facilitating this work for about 15 years.

One of these skillful means provides much greater access to your interior, your self and specific technique to utilize what is revealed. The other induces multiple perspectives with definitive means to facilitate these new views.

What to expect

In preparation each day we will begin with a full Katonah Yoga communal practice followed by pranayama and a set up of your house, the magic abode for you and Spirit, via the Magic Square into a Golden Thread Meditation and some of the weaves. We will set the conditions to be safe, known, founded and grounded.

Each day I will then facilitate one of the techniques to the collective, following we will open the floor for dialog and then we will partner up, with assistance, to practice on one another, and again we will open the floor.

All in an aim of becoming more evenly developed, freely functional, wholistic, joyful, virtuous women, men, partners, parents, teachers, friends and on...

Everyone is Welcome. All hours with Ivy go toward your Katonah Yoga certification.

Image: Nevine Michaan © 2016 Katonah Yoga Center, Inc. Illustration by Susan Fierro