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  • NP ROCK YOGA 215 Main Street. New Paltz. NY. 12561 (map)

It's happening! Wake Up, Sleepyhead. The season of renewal, regeneration, birth in Great nature and in You. Everything coming out, New.

Seasonal transitions are tricky and the most stressful time on the body, the emotions, the mind. There's much that can be done to lighten this load as we lighten ourselves and prepare for this season. Its time to clean your house, your self, and make room for the new. Spring in the Chinese system is the liver and the gallbladder. The liver is responsible for moving our blood, our Qi, our feelings, our thoughts. It is the master filter of the body, is directly associated with our vision: Insight, Outsight, Foresight and true vision of what has been. Its the most regenerative of all the organs, so its forgiving, but you gotta do your work. Its emotional component is Anger, not expressing in a healthy way damages our livers, makes them stagnant. The healthier the liver, the less this rises, so feeling a little pissed/irritated lately?
Spring is the season to tend to this system.

Join me as we move through seasonal specific pragmatic, calculable techniques and theoretical material associated with readying ourselves for what is truly considered your opportunity to Begin Again. We will practice, breath, sweat, twist and shout (thats the sound in chinese theory for Spring!) Get it all out so you are empty to be filled and born anew. 

From the pragmatic mysticism of TAO, to skillful self-management/manipulation of YOU, all through the body, breath and imagination, we will work with number, the magic in measure, form, fit, function, distilling this and more into pragmatic tools and techniques which bring it all into You, where it is designed to be Worn, Used, Lived, in an aim of becoming more evenly developed/freely functional, joyful, badass, virtuous, women, men, partners, teachers, parents, friends

Upon registration, will receive an Incredible Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse to begin the process.
Don't worry you get to eat, its Yummy! and crazy good for you.

SIGN UP ! http://www.n up!

Look forward to being with you all again and hopeful to meet some new faces. 
Big Love and Happy Spring You'all