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  • Katonah Yoga 39 Main Street Bedford Hills, NY, 10507 United States (map)

It is here. yay! In Great Nature and in You. In the natural world, Spring is the birthing season, the time for development and creation. In You its the opportunity to Begin Again, re-evaluate and grow yourself new. Time to clean out, let go, lighten up and make way for what's to come. Spring is the Wood element, which governs all living growing trees, plants and the human being. Its the strengthening of the roots, the trunk, the limbs, the joints and is correlated with the idea and your capacity for mental clarity, discernment, decision making. This fortuitous birthing and growing season is in process until June 21st, the first day of Summer.

In the Chinese System, the primary organ for Spring is the Liver. The liver has more than a hundred known functions. A Peek into: The liver is your endurance in life. The liver is the master laboratory of the body, it is in charge of dispersion and dredging: it is largely responsible for the regulation of emotion, it is related to anger and anger impairs its function, it governs digestion and absorption, the circulation of qi and blood, as well as our reproductive function. The liver houses the hun (our spiritual consciousness) the hun is essential to our spiritual and psychological dynamic. Lastly, the liver is connected to our eyes, their physiological function as well as our capacity for Vision.

Join us for a rigorous (as Spring calls for nothing less) buoyant, lively, informative, alchemizing practice: heating, spinning, twisting, bending, strengthening, all woven with pranayama to clean you out and keep it light, springs magic to support and inspire, while threading in visionary possibilities of insight, outsight, peripheral, hind, fore, reflective, revelatory, fluid, static, honed, vast, multi, UNI  ahhh there's no end :)!

 We will circle it all up in a guided meditation to reorient/organize; recalibrate, be fed by Springs Magic and Power and InVision your new self in the making.

 Following, we will open the floor for questions and/or your Insights.

Happy Spring Everyone! Hope to see you.